Woman treated like a ‘leper’ until she discovered Mahonia Aquifolium

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Heather McKenzie had 70% of her body covered in psoriasis.  Her Doctor said it was the worst he had ever seen and no treatments worked.   She developed depression and refused to leave the house.  Then she discovered Oregon Grape Root (Mahonia Aquifolium).  Within 2 months she had reduced her symptoms by 50% and after 6 months her clear skin gave her the confidence to go out and by a bikini for the Summer!  

M-Folia products contain 100% pure Mahonia Aquifolium extract.   Our creams are paraben free and our Shampoos and bodywashes are SLS free.   Try them for yourself this Summer and use code SUN30 to get 30% discount on your first order.


To read Heather’s story and to see her photos click here

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