November 5, 2018

The New IsoVape Range

We’re pleased to announce the new IsoVape solutions – high-potency, high bio-availability CBD with pure plant terpenes.

CBD (Cannabidiol) has been shown to offer significant benefits for Psoriasis suffers including reduced inflammation, inhibiting plaque growth, alleviating stress and anxiety, and boosting the immune system.

For more information on CBD and Psoriasis – click here

Why IsoVape?

Vaping is an ideal method of consuming CBD. According to researchers, vaping CBD offers significant benefits including:

  1. Super convenient – vaping CBD is quick and easy. With the latest buttonless vape pens that are no bigger than an ink pen and can be carried in a trouser/jacket pocket, handbag or purse. Just inhale and enjoy!
  2. High bioavailability – scientists have discovered vaping CBD offers the highest bioavailability (56%), ten times higher than CBD edibles and more than 50% of sub-lingual oils.
  3. Instant Absorption – CBD is aborbed virtually instantly when vaped.
  4. High potency – Isolate vape solutions are high potency starting at 500mg per 10ml bottle.
  5. Enriched with Pure Plant terpenes – Unlike many CBD e-liquids which use artificial flavourings, Isolate vape liquids are enriched with pure, plant terpenes (the compounds that give plants their distinctive aroma and taste). Scientists have demonstrated that when CBD is accompanied with plant terpenes, the effects appear to be magnified. In one study, adding terpenes produced double the effects when compared to taking CBD.


ISOVAPE STARTER KIT comes with the IsoVape Touch-Pen, 2 x refillable cartridges, IsoVape BOOST (500mg) and IsoVape CHILL (500mg).

The new Isolate Boost & Chill are specially developed high-potency, pure plant terpene enriched CBD e-liquids.
BOOST contains terpenes to uplift and energize which makes it ideal for day-time use and staying focused whereas CHILL contains terpenes associated with calm and tranquility making it ideal for night-time use and times of stress.


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