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Vigorous Physical Activity Prevents Psoriasis

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If you're not doing regular physical exercise, a new report in The Archives of Dermatology may provide added incentive. According to new research, vigorous physical can reduce the risk of Psoriasis. Researchers reported that participation in at least 20.9 MET (metabolic equivalent task)-hours per week of vigorous exercise, the equivalent of 105 minutes of running or 180 minutes of swimming or playing tennis, is associated with a 25 percent to 30 percent reduced risk of psoriasis compared with not participating in any vigorous exercise. Hillary C. Frankel, A.B., of Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, and her colleagues analysed questionnaires of nearly [...]
mahonia aquifolium plant used to treat psoriasis

What is Mahonia aquifolium treatment for Psoriasis

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What is Mahonia aquifolium treatment for Psoriasis? The herbal M-Folia treatment for psoriasis Mahonia aquifolium is a natural plant extract (otherwise known as ‘Holly-leaved barberry’) from the Western United States of America. The root has been shown to contain high proportions of berberin and oxycanthin (strong antimicrobial agents) and has been successfully used to treat a variety of skin disorders as well as digestive disorders and impure blood conditions. Has Mahonia aquifoloium been researched? Yes. There has been extensive research in recent years into the healing properties of Mahonia aquifolium, and in particular into its use in the treatment of [...]

Herbal Psoriasis Treatment Cream – Chronic Hand Condition

M-Folia Psoriasis Treament Cream clears stubborn psoriasis lesions on the hands within two weeks. The video below shows the progress following application of  M-Folia Psoriasis cream used by Mr U Vilimanovich in Serbia. The m-Folia Psoriasis cream was applied twice daily. for more information, please contact us.

Psoriasis Treatment Creams

One of the problems with many psoriasis creams is that they often contain coal tar or have ingredients that produce a bad smell.     Some emollients are used but are thick and difficult to spread making it very uncomfortable to wear clothes.   Often they do not absorb into the skin and cause staining on the clothes. There have been many reports about the side effects of using creams that contain steroids or cortisone medication even though these are used widely in most prescribed creams and ointments.   Taylor Jackson Health Products have worked for many years to produce [...]

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