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Sunlight – Vitamin D and Psoriasis

SUNLIGHT, VITAMIN D & PSORIASIS You may have seen the news report at the weekend in the Daily Mail indicating that 87% of the population in the UK are deficient in vitamin D due to lack of sunlight. This has serious health consequences that extend from Rickets to Cancer. But, this is also highly relevant for people who suffer with Psoriasis. Light Treatment In the UK there is simply not enough daylight between October and March for the body to create enough vitamin D. The importance of sunlight and vitamin D in relation to Psoriasis cannot be over-emphasised. We need a way [...]

Face & Body Psoriasis Treatments

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New Shopping Cart

We are pleased to announce a new shopping cart. Following numerous comments from customers who were experiencing problems with the previous shopping cart we have installed a new e-commerce solution. You can access the shop from every page on the right-hand side bar on the web site or through this link: https://taylor-jackson.com/products-page/  

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