Psoriasis Helpful Tips

Listed below are some helpful hints designed to assist you in your choice of m-folia and other products and treatments for Psoriasis.

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o M-folia™ products are safe for skin sufferers of all ages, including children.
o All M-folia™ products should be used for at least a twelve-week period to achieve the maximum results. All research studies are conducted over 12 weeks and results have shown that over 4 out of 5 psoriasis sufferers experience significant improvement or complete clearance within that time frame. For more severe or persistent conditions, it may take longer than the 12 week recommended period before you see significant improvement or complete clearance.
o No other products should be used in conjunction with the M-folia™ range.
o At the onset of taking the medication, the body goes through a cleansing process and a flare up may occur. This is part of the healing process.
o Certain conditions such as weather changes and your state of health may affect the severity of your symptoms.
o M-Folia Herbal Extract should NOT be taken when pregnant or while breastfeeding without consulting your GP or health professional.
o Our M-folia™ Cream and Ointment are specially formulated to be used in conjunction with each other. The ointment tends to penetrate more than the cream and creates a protective ’film’ over the skin, but it does tend to be a little oily, causing a shiny appearance on the skin, which may rub off on clothing. The cream on the other hand is less oily and is quickly absorbed into the skin. For these reasons we recommend the cream be used in the daytime and the ointment overnight.
o Stress is a major contributor to skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema. It’s important to learn how to manage the amount of stress in your life.
o The M-folia™ Herbal Extract should not be taken if you suffer from any medical conditions that require you to take regular medication.
o Diet is also a major contributor to skin disorders. Foods to avoid include:
1. Foods high in animal fat
2. Over consumption of dairy products
3. Night shade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant)
4. Over consumption of citrus fruits and juices
5. Foods high in sugar content

Foods to incorporate into your diet include:
o Leafy green vegetables
o Fruits in season such as peaches, apples, pears and plums
o Lean meat (in moderation), such as fish and chicken
o Try to include sweet potatoes, wholegrain rice, millet and buckwheat

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