Nigella Sativa Oil – Psoriasis

The Oil That Can Change Your Life!

It is very rare that something comes along that can, by itself, change our lives. However, we would like to introduce you to a very special supplement – a pure, virgin, cold-pressed oil that can have a startling impact not just for your skin, but for virtually every aspect of your health.

Nigella Sativa Oil is possibly the most potent of all dietary supplements known to scientists. It contains over 100 known therapeutic compounds – a host of powerful agents that boost the body’s immune system and impact our health in a way that no other supplement can.

The action of Nigella Sativa Oil has to be seen to be believed. Although it has been tradionally used for centuries in Asia to treat so many health problems, it is only in the last few decades that scientists have begun to take notice and investigate the incredible claims in controlled, clinical studies.

There are now over 200 independent published research papers confirming that Nigella Sativa Oil is really the closest thing known to a cure-all. The oil has been shown to exhibit the following qualities:

* Analgesic: Relieves or dampens sensation of pain.
* Anthelmintic: (Also know as vermicide or vermifuge.) Destroys and expels intestinal worms.
* Anti-bacterial: Destroys or inhibits the growth of destructive bacteria.
* Anti-Inflammatory: Reduces inflammation.
* Anti-Microbial: Destroys or inhibits the growth of destructive microorganisms.
* Antioxidant: Prevents or delays the damaging oxidisation of the body’s cells – particularly useful against free radicals.
* Anti-Pyretic: (Also known as ferbrifuge.) Exhibits a ‘cooling action’, useful in fever reduction.
* Anti-spasmodic: Prevents or eases muscle spasms and cramps.
* Anti-tumour: Counteracts or prevents the formation of malignant tumours
* Carminative: Stimulates digestion and induces the expulsion of gas from the stomach and the intestines.
* Diaphoretic: Induces perspiration during fever to cool and stimulate the release of toxins.
* Diuretic: Stimulates urination to relieve bloating and rid the body of any excess water.
* Digestive: Stimulates bile and aids in the digestive process.
* Emmenagogue: Stimulates menstrual flow and activity.
* Galactogogue: Stimulates the action of milk in new mothers.
* Hypotensive: Reduces excess blood pressure.
* Immunomodulator: Suppresses or strengthens immune system activity as needed for optimum balance.
* Laxative: Causes looseness or relaxation of the bowels.

For more information on Nigella Sativa and details of published research, please see Nigella Sativa Research

Just look at what just a few people who have tried it are saying:

“This oil is simply amazing! I have not found a herb that clears the lymphatics and intestines so clearly and in such a gentle way.”
A Pouget, Medical Herbalist

“I suffer from eczema. When it comes out I use your oil and it clears up very quickly.”
Abdullah, Cyprus

“I had a flare up and your Nigella Sativa oil cleared it. Amazing!”
D Roper , London

Suitable for vegetarians & vegans

Directions for use:
Take 1-2 tspns 2-3 times daily. Store in a cool, dark place. Once opened, keep refridgerated. May also be added to a carrier oil (e.g. almond oil – proportions 10 parts carrier oil to one part Nigella Sativa) and applied directly to the skin.


Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) Oil Multipack (3 x 100ml)













































































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