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Summertime Solutions for Psoriasis

For Psoriasis sufferers, the natural UVA rays of summer sun can be therapeutic and when the air is humid, the skin is better able to retain moisture which is key to easing those dry plaques.  So, while scorching temperatures and high humidity can put a damper on summer fun for some, for psoriasis patients the hot, moist weather may be just what the doctor ordered!    Click here to read about a few ways that you can avoid a few hidden hazards this Summer.

Drinking Beer Linked to Psoriasis

In a study involving over 80,000 women, researchers discovered that the risk of developing psoriasis was 72% higher in women who drank an average of 2.3 beers per week or more compared to women who didn't drink alcohol at all. That risk went up even higher for women who drank 5 or more beers a week. To read more click here

Psoriasis? Oregon Grape Root Excites Dermatologists

Research into Oregon grape root (also known by its Latin name as Mahonia aquifolium, and which is the active ingredient in M-Folia) is causing excitement among dermatologists. The tall, flowering shrub that grows in abundance in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States is traditionally used to help treat constipation, bloating, and other intestinal issues, but dermatologists are revisiting the plant extract because of its effectiveness in treating psoriasis and other skin diseases. To learn more, click here:  

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