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Help with Psoriasis And Eczema Research

HELP WITH ONGOING PSORIASIS RESEARCH & GET 15% DISCOUNT THIS WEEKEND! As part of our ongoing research to understand how & why M-Folia works for 81% of users, we would like to invite you to complete a very brief questionnaire. at this stage we are just collecting very basic data. All information is treated with strict confidentiality. We do NOT release ANY information to ANY third parties. The information is used ONLY by Taylor Jackson's internal audit to help us understand how and why M-Folia works for most users but not for all users. In return for your co-operation, we [...]

Why risk the side effects of steroids?

Did you know that the long term side effects of steroids include: Premature balding or hair loss Dizziness Mood swings, including anger, aggression and depression Hallucinations Paranoia Problems sleeping Nausea and vomiting Trembling High blood pressure that that can damage the heart or blood vessels Aching joints Jaundice or liver damage Urinary problems Increased risk of heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer Medication containing steroids has been the number one prescription for most psoriasis sufferers for many years and is still the first choice of GP's for symptom control. M-Folia has been helping people to treat their psoriasis [...]

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