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Psoriasis Acupuncture Device – 15 left!

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The Psoriasis Acupuncture Device - ONLY 15 available! The Psoriasis Acupuncture Device is a home treatment device that works on acupuncture principals. However, it does NOT involve needles but rather sends a mild electrostatic current through the head which stimulates the skin. We currently have only 15 units left in stock - For more details -see Acupuncture Treatment Unit for Psoriasis
sunlight heals psoriasis

Phototherapy treatment for Psoriasis – a review

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Is Phototherapy the right treatment for Psoriasis? If so, which Phototherapy Treatment Device is right for your Psoriasis? Phototherapy Light Treatment is becoming a very economical and effective mode of treatment for skin complaints including Psoriasis and Vitiligo. But, which units work best? UVA? UVB? Or what about simply going to a tanning salon? Read our report about UV Phototherapy Light Treatment
M-Folia Ointment for Psoriasis & Eczema

M-Folia outperforms topical psoriasis treatments

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M-Folia - the safe, effective, natural Psoriasis topical treatment Published research has confirmed that M-Folia is more effective than any other topical treatment (even corticosteroids) helping over 80% of Psoriasis sufferers. A study involving over 400 Psoriasis sufferers revealed that, within 12 weeks, 4 out of 5 reported that their skin was completely clear or significantly clear after using Mahonia aquifolium ointment for psoriasis. To find out more read the Psoriasis Research

Our New Psoriasis Treatment Video – M-Folia

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Our new Psoriasis Treatment promotional video:
Xtreme X20 Alkaline Mineralised Ionised Water

Psoriasis & Eczema – a missing link

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Alkaline Water - the missing link for Psoriasis & Eczema Psoriasis  –  a missing link? X2O - a new discovery for psoriasis? At Taylor Jackson, we continue to search for additional breakthroughs that may help fellow psoriasis sufferers. and I think that we have found one - the acid/alkaline balance in our bodies – or our pH! I first stumbled across this when looking at a new product that provides all minerals and trace elements (electrolytes) and it ALSO alkalises the body. This made good sense to me because it is well known that stress (amongst other things)  CAUSES acidity [...]
UVS Handheld Therapy Lamp

New Handheld UV Psoriasis Therapy Lamp

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UVS Handheld Therapy Lamps for Psoriasis =========================================================== The NEW UVS Handheld Photon Therapy Lamps are back in stock. The Handheld Photon Therapy Lamps have been the most popular device of its kind. Every consignment has sold out within 2-3 weeks of arriving. UV Light Therapy has been acknowledged to be an effective treatment for Psoriasis and related skin problems, and the new UVS Handheld unit utilises the latest technologies to offer an affordable, safe treatment that is effective alone and also enhances other treatments. For more information, please see UV Hand held Psoriasis Therapy Lamp

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